è sostantivo femminileè sostantivo femminile is an artistic work that closely investigates the connection between the human body, light and music. The show brings into play a poetic investigation into the perception of the body without organs in a post-human future without hope through the performer's body and the use of light.

This performance starts from the artistic research of the body's relationship with light. By making light a physical object, the performer's body can play with it, cut it, disappear. The research plays with the different materials with which light can materialize. The relationship with music is also especially important, which reinforces the post-apocalyptic atmosphere.

Prodution: L4R 
Dramaturgy: L4R
Directec by: L4R
Performer_Coreographer: Simona Maria Sole Virga
Poem: Tiago Branc
Sound design: Alexia Robbio
Voice off: L4R
Thanks for the collaboration: Giusy Guadagno, Poikilos Ioulos


27-28 Otober 2018 Fast Forward Fest at Csa Intifada, Rome (IT)

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