L4R comes from the Latin lar(es), which stands for "hearth." Fire, the most important technological discovery in history. By parallelism, today a similar discovery is digital technology.


L4R is a Spanish-Brazilian artistic duo based in Rome founded in 2018 by Clara Román and Tiago Branc, which deals with the creation of interdisciplinary artworks. Through the experimentation of artistic techniques, such as theatre, painting or photography; they explore digital techniques to create immersive installations or scenographic spaces, finding the balance between the beauty of the imperfection that draws the human being's hand and the exceptional digital effects.

Their work proposes a dialogue between the cultural, social and environmental aspects of today's society and the search for new technologies, creating performative spaces and transforming them into a source of energy that the viewer can feed on and create an active awareness. L4R artworks have been exhibited at RGB Light Experience, LPM Live Performers Meeting, Be-coming Tree, Mov Festival, Witches are back!, Inquerciata, Balconica Festival and many others.

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